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This station is marked as supplying live data, however the data appears to be old. Please check the age of the data carefully before using it!

Current Settings

Settings From: 2013-01-24 13:29:26 GMT
Received 838:59:59 (hours:minutes:seconds) ago.
Power Curve Shape Factor 4.0
Cut in RPM 75 RPM
Rated RPM 187 RPM
Rated Power Output 20,000 watts
Ramp Rate 6.0 seconds
De Ramp Rate 1.5 seconds
Voltage Calibration 100 %
Current Calibration 100 %
Very Low Voltage Trip Limit 50 %
Low Voltage Trip Limit 88 %
High Voltage Trip Limit 110 %
Very High Voltage Trip Limit 120 %
Low DC Boost 200 volts
High RPM Cut Out 250 RPM
Low RPM Cut Out 40 RPM
Inverter B Over Temperature 90 °C
Rectifier Over Temperature 90 °C
Out of Frequency Trip Time 0.0160 seconds
Low Frequency Trip Limit 59.3 Hz
High Frequency Trip Limit 60.5 Hz

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